What is "FOR"? - The Future of... DAO?

Issue WE intend to solve.


"The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get Poorer"

To increase its value, WE intend to invest our "FOR" Social Tokens into Each Other

The value of the "FOR" Social Token intends to be determined by its use for positive Social Impact.

Bottom Line

"Use it or Lose It"

This "FOR" Social Token is created to educate the masses on things that matter to them and help them become part of the solution. "FOR" Social Tokens are intended to be utilized to their fullest potential in creating "Abundance for All."


Massive Action Interaction

Welcome to The New Economy - The Feminine Economy

By creating a future of real estate through innovation, JOB creation and Business Opportunity.

By empowering and educating our "FOR" Future of Real Estate Social Investment Community to

Learn, Earn, Share, Evolve & Grow Together.

By incentivizing everyone with the opportunity and training to Learn & Earn via Massive Action Interaction

that disrupts the current "old fashion" business models for money, finance and investing and real estate.

What "FOR"?

Cryptocurrency isn’t going anywhere soon. The next biggest craze after NFTs will be social tokens. What are social tokens? These are a type of cryptocurrency that is based around a brand, community, or influencers.

"FOR" is a FUTURE OF REAL ESTATE Social Investment Society DAO community and our social impact token

is focused on eliminating poverty through tokenization of real estate, investment clubs, metaverse event organizers, artists, influencers, Web 3.0 Tech & Business Partners, and the co-creation of

JOBs and Digital Asset-based franchises and other such community member-owned Businesses.

"FOR" creates JOBS and community owned businesses in the form of franchises that are duplicatable and community member-owned by helping our global community to be "trained up," certified, and funded in the future of money, i.e. the new economy. This future is coming fast, and it will have a global impact on society. Our "job" will be to help bring the future of real estate, business brokerage, lending and investing communities into the use of our social token in the Defi (Decentralized Finance) and NFT (non-fungible token) new economy.

Why "FOR"?

The term "FOR" social token is not strictly defined and covers all "FOR" tokens

that can be minted or assigned to individual members of the community.

In the latter, it is not a company that issues tokens, but rather empowered individual members of the community.

For example, a musician member can issue "FOR" social tokens via smart contracts that are directly linked

to his or her reputation or social token earnings within the community.

On the collective level, however, "FOR" social tokens can also be issued by the community to

empower, educate and help incentivize members to co-create a global community to be "put to work" by being given the tools to learn, earn, own and manage their own RE business related event-driven digital asset-based Coffee Talk Franchise.

"FOR" every person invited into the community, our members shall be rewarded with "FOR" tokens for their time and their ability to create and lead an Abundance Circle of 10 people in weekly Coffee Talks.

In these Coffee Talks, held in our metaverse-based franchised Coffee Talk Hubs or "face to face" in Coffee Shops, members will either have an informal intro session, online education course, or sit comfortably in our Coffee Talk Metaverse lounge and watch educational recordings and then openly discuss, being rewarded with our

social token in all of the above scenarios and more.

This is our learn and earn model.

The "Coffee Talk Metaverse HUB Franchise Model" works hand-in-hand with

"FOR" Web 3.0 Affiliated Business Partners and certified Metaverse Events Group (MEG) Event Organizers

to create NFT digital assets that empower and fund our community by providing an income stream for our franchisees' ongoing product stream and for our community members via our Metaverse Marketplace.

Coffee Talk Hubs collectively host our global community MEG events in our "FOR" Metaverse Campus.

Our "FOR" Coffee Talk Franchise HUB shared space will continue to expand and host a variety of entertainment venues for our cultural creatives to showcase and facilitate their media arts production via our Metaverse Events Group MEG) organized in the cloud and in "face to face" events, i.e., IMPROVdinners.com vegan potlucks, virtual reality VR, art exhibitions, abundance conferences, masterminds, circles, investment clubs, trainings, symposiums, summits, concerts, film festivals, summits, remote education, networking events and social media outreach via our shared metaverse entertainment venues that assist our global "FOR" community

Learn & Earn in our franchisee's Coffee Talk HUB in the Metaverse.

Who "FOR"?

With the help of our Web 3.0 Affiliated Business Partners and certified MEG event organizers, our Coffee Talk Franchisees assist their members to create Coffee Talk Hub based Abundance Circles, Coffee Talk Investment Clubs, NFT ticketed events and other such NFT media arts content that is then promoted via our Metaverse Marketplace. But it does not stop there, our global sales force of franchisees kicks in with our "FOR" not "Against" branded social media, sales and marketing collective outreach and experiential "learn and earn" massive action interaction Coffee Talk business model. Get "face to face" for Coffee and enter the metaverse together with your Team Leader or meetup in the Hub. Either way, it is up to you how much you are willing to earn while you learn as an Abundance Circle, Investment Club or Team Suite Leader.

Franchisees shall have quizzes for testing and empowering circle members, and Team Suite Leaders shall assure that they are rewarded when their member apprentices are on track to creating their own Abundance Circle, Each with the eventual and ultimate goal of graduating to a certified Coffee Talk Investment Club Leader,

MEG Event Organizer, and/or Coffee Talk Franchisee.

"FOR" is a self-organized, Internet metaverse-based social investment society community

that is taught that it is fun to share by sharing space and generating shared income; by creating jobs, franchises and funding for community member startups; by educating and welcoming new global members; by hosting and attending events; by instilling our core values and rewarding community growth via massive action interaction.

Our "FOR" Social Investment Society is a community of artists, creators, thinkers, and people who are leading Web3 transformation. It is a bridge between the old and the new. The collective energy of our Artistically talented / creators paired with the knowledge and incredible futuristic insight of our global

Web 3.0 technology business partners drive traction and foster our collective Mission & Vision.

This future of real estate economy needs to be understood and incorporated

into the established business models that currently exist in Real Estate, Business and Finance.

Choose Your Future.

Future of Work.

Future of Finance.

Future of the Internet.

Future of Art.

Future of Music.

Future of Film.

Future of Entertainment.

Future of Social-Media.

Future of Lending.

Future of Investing.

Future of Networking.

Future of Religion.

Future of Fitness.

Future of Yoga.

Future of Real Estate.

Future of, dare we say, Politics?

Future of the Future.

"FOR" helps you to co-create your future.

Seeing is Believing. Do not just Tell them, Show Them. Interact with Them. Build a Relationship.

"FOR" social tokens play a very important role in this new economy, create a culture where everyone involved

has shared skin in the game, and by helping all of its community members to Learn & Earn Together while paving the way for NFTs, DAOs, Dapps, Defi, Metafi.

The "future of everything as we know it will change" in a way that keeps the integrity of the old

be transformed into a new and improved economy.

A community-driven DAO

It's a Domino Effect

The "FOR" DAO invites everyone willing to accept the below principles and the code of conduct.

SHARED EVENTS - "FOR" encourages every member to introduce themselves to the community

by attending and eventually hosting metaverse events. It leads to better communication and identification of unique skills and talents that the member brings to the community. WE build trust in a trustless system.

DIVERSITY - "FOR" welcomes diversity, every member from any background is respected and treated equally.

They are open to all kinds of discussion that leads to learning & earning via massive action interaction.

INCLUSION - "FOR" community has great high-profile members that are also subject matter experts.

Still, the best thing that community does is treat everyone the same, whether an expert or a newbie.

RESPONSIBILITY - The community is mainly self-policed; That means the franchisees will not monitor every message or new member but will be available on a designated calendar of metaverse events that are intended to address whatever issues community members may face. Hence "FOR" members are encouraged and incentivized to maintain the community momentum and invite others to introductory events. If there's still something unresolved, help yourself and the community by attending our scheduled "Bitchin'" Metaverse Events.

Take responsibility. Direct communication works. No gossip or drama. Just positive

massive action and interaction intentionally designed to energize and lift others up the food chain,

not bring, push, or hold them down,

PEACE OF MIND - The goal is "FOR" Members to feel confident and comfortable with the "FOR" community. There are a lot of hackers and bad actors in the world that will be trying to scam you as a member and our community as a whole. Do not have blind faith. Learn how to use math, science and tech.

Here you can experience serious discussions and actionable insights that build trust and interaction.

It's a matter of fact that community members are obliged to follow a set of protocols that take time and energy to completely understand and follow. Members are not incentivized for lack of participation, inactivity or for doing things that might disturb the peaceful environment of the "FOR" Social Investment Society Community

or it's perceived impact on Society. It is not enough to say you care, you actually have to show it,

These principles act as the base of the community. The more they are adopted and enacted, the more the community grows bigger, stronger, more empowered and more collectively abundant.

How does "FOR" work?

"FOR" has a participation framework which includes -

Governance, Advisors, Team Suite Leaders & Contributors.

Governance - It incorporates the "FOR" token holders

who vote for the changes in the DAO and engage with the governance through Massive Action Interaction.

Advisors - Advisors consist of mixed entities like team members, community team suite leaders,

virtual real estate developers in the metaverse, artists, entrepreneurs, event organizers, influencers, educators, and community members that focus on building effective strategies

"FOR" metaverse community growth.

The "FOR" token incentivizes those advisor's massive action interactions.

MEG Team Suite Leaders - MEG Team Suite leaders are those members who manage the team of contributors by organizing ongoing metaverse venue special events. like concerts, conferences, and other such

NFT ticketed events that result in more product for our Metaverse Marketplace.

They are selected on basis of their previous experience and results in our community.

They approve franchisee funding for bounties or rewards, set key priorities, and create and monitor key metrics for collaborative community event success.

Contributors -They are the members holding the FOR token and creating content. Contributors power the team through active participation and are rewarded based on their contribution level of Massive Action Interaction.

How do these teams operate?

There is a team guideline that allows all members to start at the bottom and rise to the top. This way everyone is "trained up." Contributors get clear calls to action to join the team based on their skill sets and interests.

Team Suite leaders arrange weekly one-on-one meetings with franchise owners and advisors to discuss

community massive action hackathon challenges and future event organization interaction priorities.

"FOR" Advisors, MEG Team Suite Leaders, and Coffee Talk Franchisees report to governance through

monthly Metaverse meetings to present progressive metric updates.

Each MEG Team Leader gets a budget based on community voted and approved proposals.

Budget depends on the value that is generated for the community.

Every MEG team leader receives reward incentives while the contributors share the remaining funds based on their contribution level. They are compensated based on the value they add to the team. MEG Team leaders propose new events and teams whenever required, and in the advisor and franchise owner monthly meeting,

they look at the financial potential and decide to grant permission to proceed or not.

The success of every MEG Team Leader is measured by the end result of Massive Action Interaction

garnered from each team and community member's focus towards the community's growth.

The "FOR" Token

The "FOR" token is the gateway to the "FOR" DAO which connects the community globally

with like-minded people united for a collective cause.

The Real Estate Market is an approximate $340 Trillion industry.

Give or take a trillion, the real estate market is valued at an eye-watering $340 trillion, making it the most significant store of wealth known to man. Commercial real estate, incidentally, represents about 10% of the total figure. Comparison of the global equity market ($122tn) to the cryptocurrency market cap ($2.35tn).

"FOR" token will mint a supply of $340T & shall not be minted further.

49% of the total "FOR" tokens will be in circulation,

25% reserved for the community treasury, 20% for the governance team and 6% for liquidity.

The Future

Many real estate brokerages will be invited to join our community to learn about the blockchain and its social impact on the future of real estate. Global community members shall be offered the opportunity to learn and earn by becoming a certified real estate agent in their area of the world.

Banks, lendors, investors and financial institutions are headed into a new world

that they may not understand or have any experience in until now. We will not beat them or join them.

We will not feed them. We will starve them. They will have to join us to survive.

Coffee Talk Franchisees will be certified and positioned to assist them in learning and navigating

this new metaverse economy. And it will cost them, not us.

We will no longer pay them to charge us to use and hold our own money.

Time is Money.

Our artists and contributors make it fun for experiential learning for our community and for themselves through issuance and reward distribution of our "FOR" social tokens, NFT ticketed concerts, theater, art, festivals, conventions, and all other forms of remote learning, sales & marketing and entertainment events.

Current sale and future resale of limited-edition products in NFT Metaverse Marketplace, is a win/win for all.

Our Web3 Affiliated Business Partners offer and create an incentivization mechanism

for the leveraging of tech & global education "FOR" social token funding of learn & earn networks.

The End Game

Web 3.0 High Tech Business Partner Community Outreach intends to be a portal to a technology-based influencer and sponsorship network led by decentralized systems that are intended to eliminate the authority that currently lies in the hands of a limited few.

In this model, strangers from the Internet can come together and redefine the future of money

in the way that crypto was always meant to be, while partnering with big money sponsors.

With "FOR," instead of "Against" it will be possible to open the doors to immersive experiences

and unique real estate and financial products that will navigate us to the next level of human interactions

and connectedness, out of this current cycle of poverty and oppression.

Social Impact Society


This will not happen overnight, and it will not happen without massive action interaction.

It is just a roadmap. You have to follow it. You have to create the future you.

WE have to work together to manifest the New Economy in the Metaverse.

We have to Manifest a New Reality and then Duplicate it out into our every day lives.

WE have to take what WE Learn and Earn into the physical and make it a new world reality.

What if we could learn through trial and error to govern ourselves?

What if we met in our communities "face to face" to Break Bread Together for a Better World, and in doing so, solved our own problems and started by learning and earning together in the Metaverse connected in a hybrid IMPROVdinners.com and MetaverseEventsGroup.com events.

What if our members could make a living owning and managing social token driven a CoffeeTalkFranchise.com, with a website that reports back financial accountability to our "FOR" Token Holders so that they can not only see the Return on Investment (ROI), but the Return on Value (ROV) Social Impact the token is making in society. Sweat equity + Time Spent = Added Value Earned.

This is a Human Experiment to be documented on HumanityChannel.net and other such media driven portals like MoneyMondays.us, HighestVisionMagazine.com, AbundanceCircles.com, AbundanceConferences.com, WorldPeaceProductions.org, WE.net, WomenInternational.net, Family of Light World Peace Ministries (FOL) and all other artists, activists, nonprofits, and socially responsible for profit business partners and sponsors.

May Peace Prevail On Earth